Take&Care Pet Care Wash Cleaning Gloves

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Put The Mitten On Your Hand And Add A Little Water On The Side With The Towel. With Gentle Rubbing The Mitten Emits A Soft Foam That Allows You To Clean And Wash The Face, Feet And Hair Of Dogs, Cats, Rodents, Etc.. By Removing The Dirt, The Animals Hair Is Left Shining And Odours Are Neutralized Leaving A Delicate Fragrance. The Ph Level Of The Detergent Used Is Equal To The Animals Skin So As Not To Alter The Balance. The Internal Plastic Lining Of The Mitten Protects The Hand During Use. Useful, Practical And Hygienic. No Need To Rinse. To Wash Dogs, Cats, Rodents Etc. On Trips And Walks. The Anatomical Shape Of The Mitten Allows Its Users To Use The Whole Palm To Massage And Pamper The Animal, Unlike The Normal Wet Wipe. The Special Fibre Of The Sponge Helps To Capture Hairs. Complete With Elasticated Wrist For Ease Of Use. Double Layer Cleaner Instructions For Use: Before Wearing The Mitten Make Sure That The Sponge Covers The Palm Of Your Hand. Wet The Mitten On The Side Of The Sponge, Gently Massage The Area To Be Treated Creating A Rich Lather. The Mitten Can Also Be Used On The Reverse Side, Just Rotate Without Taking Your Hand Out. Once The Cleaning Has Been Finished, Remove He Mitten From Hand Turning Inside Out So As To Prevent The Hair, Dirt, Bad Smells Etc. From Leaving The Mitten. Warnings: The Mitten Is Disposable, So It Cannot Be Reused More Than Once. Do Not Use On Damaged Skin. Store In A Clean Dry Environment Away From Direct Heat If Used Correctly And Properly Stored In Unopened Packaging, The Mitten Has A Shelf Life Of Three Years; The Package, Once Opened, Has A Shelf Life Of 12 Months.
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